Warranty and Purchase Agreement

I warrant that to the best of my ability and knowledge I have produced a healthy, problem free *family pet*. I have devoted much time, money and energy to produce the best puppy possible. I follow all current accepted health practices regarding sanitation, health screenings, deworming, and vaccinations under the advice of my veterinarian. Even with the best breeding programs, at times unavoidable defects and problems occur. Unavoidable defects such as but not limited to; can be umbilical hernia, undescended testicle, under bite or overbite. I do not warrant any issues other than health.

All puppies are guaranteed against preexisting, severe, life-threatening and life shortening diseases  for 1 full year from date of birth. If the condition can be treated, it is NOT considered life threatening. If a puppy develops a life threatening or life shortening disease and it is documented by a licensed veterinarian and confirmed by one of my veterinarians or veterinarian of my choice I will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal or less value. The affected puppy must be returned with all registration and veterinary documentation at buyer’s expense. I am not responsible for any veterinary bills.

I do not warrant against normal puppy hood aliments such as fleas, worms, kennel cough, coccidiosis, giardia, skin and ear mites, cherry eye or allergies as these can at times be unpreventable, although your puppy has had all the preventative treatments for these. I do not warrant against Parvo or any other contagious disease because I can’t control what the puppy is exposed to once it leaves my care. I also do not warrant against hypoglycemia also know as sugar shock. * Please see below on how to prevent or treat hypoglycemia. The new owner is asked to take the puppy to their vet within the first 48 hours of arrival for a Well Puppy Check-Up and contact seller via email the results of the examination. This is to verify the condition of the puppy when it arrives. Failure to do so will make this contract null and void. * I do not warrant against pneumonia or upper respiratory infections after 48 hours. I am not responsible for any vet bill incurred after new owner is in possession of the puppy(s). 

The buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a hereditary problem and not due to accident or contagious and/or other illness. The buyer understands that any and all guarantees expire one year from the date of birth.

I do not warranty against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence, or abuse. I do not take responsibility for veterinarian bills or any other expenses after the purchase of the puppy. I do not assume liability for any injuries to the puppy after it leaves my possession. Also the warranty is only valid to the original puppy and the original owner.


Being a responsible breeder all puppies are sold with a limited registration under a spay/neuter contract. This is to help control unwanted puppies and to ensure that the bloodlines remain pure. However, full registration might be considered upon request.


Shipping and handling charges anywhere in the lower 48 states and canada is  ($275 - $375) . To ship our puppies we use Delta,  American and occasionally Northwest. Should Delta not be able to ship, the cost might increase $25 to $50, causes for Delta not being able to ship your puppy might include but not limited to heat or not a terminal at the chosen airport. In such cases American or Northwest will be used at the increased cost. I will try my best to not have to use the two alternates but it might be unavoidable. Shipping to Alaska can be arraigned at an additional charge to be determined when the puppy is close to being ready to ship. Shipping and handling charges includes; crate, vet check, rabies vaccine ( if 12 wk of age or older), small bag of food to mix with your choice of food when the puppy reaches your home, small blanket that has the scent of other litter members and/or dam to help alleviate stress from separation.


The new AVID  Recovery ID System is offered for a fee of $25. You will need to tell me that you want this done prior to shipping and it will need to be added to the original cost of the puppy. Your pet will automatically become enrolled once he/she has been microchiped at my veterinary’s office during puppy check for their health . If you live in a large city this is a very good offer. You can call your preferred vet and check prices to micro chip your puppy and find this is very reasonable pricing. I just want to keep you and your puppy united!! 


All fees, including sale price, shipping and handling charges are payable prior to the shipment of the animal. The balance on the puppy is due in full at 7 weeks of age if shipping is needed.

Deposits: I require a $250.00 US currency (non-refundable) deposit.

______I have wired, mailed a check, or am attaching my deposit of $250.00(non-refundable)

In consideration of a payment of $________of which $250.00 is the deposit, seller assigns buyer the dog and guaranteeing that said dog will not be sold to any other party other than the buyer. The portion of the deposit taken and known as Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price.

The Surety of Action deposit received by seller in the amount of $250.00 for said puppies is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Also this guarantee shall become null & void if the puppy is given any vaccinations within 10 days of purchase. Please note that puppies are not immune until they have had their minimum set of puppy shots which is a minimum of 16 weeks/4 months. If you choose to take your puppy out and expose them to several people and places before they are fully vaccinated, you do so at your own risk of disease to your puppy. I, Ramona Barkley will not to be held responsible for such actions.

The new owner is asked to take the puppy to your vet within the first 48 hours of arrival for a Well Puppy Check-Up and contact seller via email the results of the examination. This is to verify the condition of the puppy when it arrives. Failure to do so will make this contract null and void.

If this puppy dies within the first 7 days of arrival, we will offer a replacement puppy. If death occurs a necropsy is required to verify cause of death at buyer’s expense. If this puppy displays any indication of poor health you must notify us by the 7th day to make a claim for a replacement puppy. If your puppy is very sick or has a congenital defect found by your vet, you will return him/her to me Ramona Barkley (at buyers expense) with the registration papers and you must obtain a written statement from your vet, on office stationary and signed by him/her for our records, stating health risk and to include a description of the symptoms supporting his/her opinion to validate this guarantee. Any vet bills incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless arrangements have been made or approved prior to treatment. Failure to do this will cause this contract to be null & void.

Original puppy must be returned within 24 hours along with all the paper work. (You agree to fill out all necessary forms to return ownership of puppy to breeder.)

If you qualify for a replacement, you can choose a new puppy of equal value if one is available. You will be responsible for the shipping of a new puppy. We will not be held responsible for further costs.

If you choose a puppy of greater value of $________ then you are responsible to pay the difference.

If we do not have a puppy of equal value available within 90 days: for your replacement, we will refund your puppies original purchase price of $__________, minus shipping fees.

Replacement puppy must be chosen within 3 days after qualification is determined. If no replacement is available for the same value it is the buyers responsibility to keep in touch with the breeder for acquiring replacement that is acceptable to both parties, and must be determined by 60 days otherwise the replacement qualification will be null & void and no replacement or refund will be given.

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of Missouri and is the entire agreement between the buyer and seller concerning the health conditions or loss of this puppy. Any legal dispute shall be dealt in Texas County in the state of Missouri per this guarantee and is subject to Missouri laws only. Out of state laws are not valid per the guarantee. All attorney fees and court costs will be the buyer’s responsibility. We must have the contract signed and returned to us within 10 days of purchase date of puppy. Failure to do so will make contract null and void.


Do not immediately change your new puppy’s diet. Shock can occur causing their sugar levels to drop. If they seem to be sluggish feed them a little Nurtical. You will need to purchase a tube from your vet or pet supply store prior to your puppy arriving. The Nurtical raises their sugar levels. If you feel the need to change their diet, do so gradually till they are eating a different food. Also I encourage you to moisten the dry food with a little water; they will have been eating this way for a few weeks prior to shipping.


In small toy or younger Yorkies this condition can be brought on by stress or some type of shock. Make sure your puppy gets plenty of rest, food and water. Do not over handle your new puppy; make sure they get plenty of rest. Again I stress do not immediately change food, this is stressful on their digestive systems and can cause hypoglycemia.

This contact must be signed and sent to me before the puppy ships. If new owner chooses to not send back the contract before puppy(s) ship the contract is null and void.

Seller Signature:___________________________________Date___________

Customer Signature:________________________________ Date___________

Please sign and mail this to : Ramona Barkley

1530 Pine St. Cabool, MO 65689

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